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Anatomy of a module

Modules have a directory structure which mirror the sub-namespaces of the module:

  • Controllers - front-end controllers
  • Controllers/Admin - admin controllers
  • Helpers - helper classes
  • Widgets - classes for widgets (content blocks)

Additional directories can be created as required, including sub-directories, as long as the directory names match the corresponding namespace, including the use of leading capital letters.

There are also some directories which don't correspond to a namespace. These directories do not have a leading capital letter in their name.

  • config - default/example configuration files which should be copied to the top-level config directory when they're modified
  • media - module specific javascript and css files
  • tests - PHPUnit tests for this module
  • views - admin and front-end views for the module

There are also a few files which reside directly within the module directory: