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Welcome module

The welcome module provides a checklist of a few tasks to complete in order to configure SproutCMS for initial use. For example, making sure it can connect to the database, and setting up the initial operator account.

Note: the welcome module is enabled by default when first installing Sprout, and is subsequently disabled. If you ever need to re-enable it, just uncomment or re-add the following lines in the file config/config.php:


* Remove these three lines once SproutCMS has been set up

The welcome module should now be active again. To access it, just browse to which should automatically redirect you to

The interface should like something like this:

Welcome module UI

The steps simply need to be taken in order until they're all the happy bright green colour. Once they have been comnpleted, clicking the 'reload' button at the bottom will send you to the home page of your new SproutCMS site.