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Server requirements

SproutCMS is built on a PHP+MySQL stack.

We recommend you use Linux; the majority of our development, testing and live deployments have all been on Linux so it's the most battle-tested. SproutCMS may work on other operating systems, however we haven't widely tested it on non-Linux systems.

Required Software

  • PHP >= 5.6 with the extensions listed below
  • MySQL >= 5.1
    or MariaDB
  • Web server compatible with PHP
    nginx >= 1.12 is recommended, Apache is also tested and working.

PHP Extensions

  • pdo-mysql
  • gd2
  • openssl
  • freetype
  • fpm

Physical Server Requirements

The physical requirements (core count, RAM, storage) depends almost entirely on your intended use case. That said SproutCMS as it ships today will not exceed a 128M PHP memory limit so even small servers will have no issues running it.

For small-medium (< 50 request/s) sites a dual-core, 2GB Linode is quite sufficient.