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Tables of records via ItemList

The helper to create a table of records is called Itemlist, and it provides the UI which is seen on the contents view of most admin controllers. For example:

Users table

An Itemlist to generate a table like the one above, for use outside of the normal admin controller space, would look something like the following:


// TODO: use statements, namespace etc. here
class UserController extends Controller
	function user_list()
		$view = new View('modules/Users/user_list');
		$list = new Itemlist();
		// Note that this is the same definition used for main_columns
		// in a ManagedAdminController
		$list->main_columns = [
			'First name' => 'first_name',
			'Last name' => 'last_name',
			'Email' => 'last_name',
		$q = "SELECT id, first_name, last_name, email
			FROM ~users
			WHERE active = 1";
		$list->items = Pdb::query($q, [], 'pdo');
		// N.B. these checkboxes would still need to be programmed
		// to *do* something
		$list->checkboxes = true;
		$view->user_list = $list->render();
		// TODO: skin etc. here instead of just rendering
		echo $view->render();