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Auto-fill list

A UI for selecting multiple records using an ajax lookup.

    "autofill_list": {
        "name": "employees",
        "single": "Employee",
        // todo: finish this example

Parameters include:

name: POST unique field name.

single: text label of the items.

joiner_local_col: column name within the joiner table for referencing local table, optional default is singular of local table + '_id'.

joiner_foreign_col: column name within the joiner table for referencing foreign table, optional default is singular of foreign table + '_id'.

joiner_table: name of joiner table.

foreign_table: name of the foreign table.

foreign_label_col: label of items of the foreign table. Can be a string for a single column or an array of columns, which will be joined with a space

foreign_label_sql: if provided, then foreign_label_col is ignored, and this SQL expression will be used instead. The table is aliased to item. A common use would be CONCAT with custom joining strings.

lookup_url: method to return json list of results.

min_term_length: minimum number of characters to prevoke search on.

reorder: are the items ordered? true = manual reordering, false = alpha reordering