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Behaviour methods

These methods affect how the controller looks and feels within the admin area.


Return the HTML for the sidebar area.

This is an abstract method for ManagedAdminController, but implemented in other base controllers.


Return an array of tools, with each tool being html in the form <li><a>...</a></li>

Typically the parent method is called (i.e. $tools = parent::_getTools();), and the additional tools are appended to the array which means that the default tools provided by base classes will continue to be provided.

Default includes links to import and export tools.


Return the fields which affect visibility, which get shown as checkboxes in the add/edit save box.

Default value is a single field, admin


Called after every action which affects the database - add, edit, delete, import, export, etc - to allow for caches to be refreshed or cleared.

Default is an empty method.


The name of the record, shown in bold, when editing or deleting.

Default is to use the name field if present, with a fallback to the id field.