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Protected properties


This is the slug of the controller, e.g. blog_post, must match the registration


This is the friendly name of the controller. In 99% of cases, should be the plural form of the controller name


The friendly name used in the sidebar navigation. Optional. If not specified defaults to matching the friendly name.


This is the name of the table to get data from. Optional. If not specified, this will be the plural form of the $controller_name slug.


Default values used for adding a record.


Order for records in the main list. Default ''


Additional WHERE clauses for the main list.


Additional actions for the main list. Value is button label and key is the url. Include a %% in the url for the record id. There is one default action, Delete.


Whether the "Add" link should be shown on the main list. Defaults to true.


Modifiers applied to data prior to export. Should be a class which extends ColModifier. Can be an object instance or string of a class name


True if this controller should do action logging. Defaults to true


Instance of the RefineBar class as used in the main record list.


The number of records to show per page. Defaults to 50


Different modes available for the main view. By default, there is only one mode list, but some modules have others such as media repository which also has thumb.


Does this module support record duplication. Enabling this will add a duplicate link to the record edit form in admin